I care deeply about our community and believe in its strength, tenacity, and kindness. It is why my wife and I have chosen to raise our two children here and why we are proud to call central Topeka home. My grandparents, who owned a farm in Silver Lake, taught me the value of hard work. It was  my mother who taught me to help others and to stand up for those who don't have a voice. I carry those lessons with me every day and will do so if elected to represent District 55. I am a Washburn University and Washburn Law graduate and have spent my career as an attorney advocating for clients and fighting for justice and fairness in our courts. From prosecuting cases at the City of Topeka to fighting for the innocent, I've seen first hand how each political issue affects our community. They are all interconnected and we can't properly address one unless we are addressing them all. Our world is complex and often requires complex solutions. I hope you'll join me in working to solve the problems our community currently faces and to work towards solving problems that are just over the horizon.


I'm running because I believe Kansas needs more people to stand up and fight for the real needs in our community. I've watched Republican legislatures using their position of power to strip away voting rights, consolidate power, attack the LGBTQ community, attempt to weaken and manipulate public education, and generally waste time focused on extremist issues instead of doing productive work for ALL Kansans. I've had enough and I know many Kansans who have as well. We need strong leaders who will stand up, get loud, and hold them accountable for the damage they have caused our great state. I'm running because I believe we need leaders who will inspire a new generation of Kansans to get involved in fighting for our communities, to make them feel included, and to remind them that their vote matters and who they vote for matters. We have a lot of work to do. Join me in the fight and lets get loud and show them we have had enough! Those that work to marginalize members of our community, consolidate power, and control your bodies are emboldened and will not stop unless we stand up to them. August 2nd is the primary and in order for me to get elected I have to win your confidence and votes that day first. However, regardless of who you vote for on that day, please make sure you are registered and show up to vote NO on the constitutional amendment banning abortion.



On June 24th, 2022, we witnessed the culmination of years of planning to away strip reproductive rights and to control the bodies of women. It was a signal to extremist Republican state legislatures that this Supreme Court is sympathetic to their desire to dismantle our right to privacy and the rights that stem from them. While the Supreme Court may have sent a signal to those fighting against equality, on August 2nd Kansas can send a signal to the rest of the country that we will protect women's rights and that we will not allow the women of our state to have their bodies dictated. I am running to fight to make sure that your privacy rights are protected and that reproductive decisions are made between a patient and their doctor. 


I have been a criminal defense attorney for nearly fifteen years. I have seen first hand the effects of our broken criminal justice system. I'm running to save taxpayers money and make the community safer by implementing evidence-based legislation, to protect the vulnerable by focusing resources on the most serious criminal offenses, to bring Kansas into the 21st century and get cannabis legalization passed, to increase funding and expand mental health and substance abuse programs, and to promote fairness, equality, and justice for all. 


I grew up in a single parent household and know first hand how difficult it is for parents to work full time, put food on the table, and save for their own future. With out of control inflation and gas prices through the roof, working families are struggling now more than ever. I'm running to increase the minimum wage, reduce the tax burden on middle and low income families, expand medicaid, and to make sure no family goes hungry in Kansas. We've seen the disasterous effects of Republican tax policies in Kansas. It is time we stop rewarding the rich and start making sure every Kansas has the economic opportunties to be successful.


I was eleven years old when I went to my first protests in 1991. They were at Gage Park and we were standing up for, and with, the LGBTQ community. A lot has changed since then, but there is a lot more work to be done. I'm running for House District 55 to continue that fight and to stand against those who work to reverse the progress we've made.


Man made climate change is real and environmental policies that only focus on the short term are sending us down a path that of environmental destruction. I am running because I believe in science and the science is clear that unless we start making difficult decisions now, we are will be forced to make even more difficult decisions later. From poisoning our rivers and lakes with industrial farming runoff to the draining of the Ogallala Aquifier, Kansas has to decide what kind of future we want to leave for our children. I am running because I believe we must choose the health and success of future Kansans over the economic interests of corporations who line their pockets at our expense.


There is a constant and relentless attack on public education by extremeist Republicans. I attended public schools and my children attend public schools. I believe our communities are best served when our schools and teachers are properly funded and when our teachers are allowed to do what they do best, teach our children. The attempts to control and manipulate what is taught in our schools by extremist Republicans have nothing to do with their desire to improve education and are nothing more than politically motivated moves to whip up hysteria and invent problems that do not exist. I am running to support teachers and protect them against those legislatures who work to dismantle our public education. I will fight for increased school funding, increased pay for teachers, better access to mental health for teachers, to stop legislation that aims to ban books or dictate how a our countries history is taught. I will fight for any and all legislation that supports students and their families access to health care, mental health resources, food, stable housing and transportation. Our communities are benefitted by students who can come to school ready to learn and who are taught by teachers who are focused on teaching.